The WARRIOR WIMPS are pretty brave when they hide behind a white sheet and a pillow case with two holes on it so they can see their hapless victim that they are about to hang from a tree!
The right wing fascist conservative republicans have always had a mob mentality!
They are always brave as hell when they are in a large group facing the enemy of one lone individual.
The reality is that they are like freightened little children, that only feel safe and manly when they are carrying a gun, in a mob, or bullying someone, that is much smaller and weaker than they are!
These so called warriors are always willing to go to war as long as they personally are exempt from being in harms way!
The Republican warrior wimps are motivated by fear of anything and everything that is foreign and different from what they are!
The United Nations consists of a bunch of foreigners so they can’t be trusted, according to these right wing warrior wimps!
Look out you gay faggots the warrior wimps will make your life misserable!
All you foreigners who don’t look and speak like the members of the master race, …will be sent back to where you came from!
The Warrior Wimps will keep America pure by establishing in America, an oppressive police state so that all these Warrior Wimps can feel safe!
I think that all of them should be institutionalized before they hurt someone!

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