Note: The following is SOME OLD information that I had in my files by Robert Lederman:
It’s worth reading if you want to be informed about the Bush Regime!!….


What’s Hiding In GW’s Cabinet?
by Robert Lederman

“I’m very good at delegating authority…I’ll surround myself
with the best minds in America”. Exactly who are these, best
minds in America, and where is GW Bush getting them from?

There is a common thread connecting all of Bush’s appointees
so far-pharmaceuticals, oil, Wall Street and the historical
connection between the CIA, major US corporations and Nazi
Germany. If you’ve studied the Bush family history in any
depth you won’t find many surprises among his nominations.

Paul O’Neill, the Bush nominee for Treasury Secretary, is the
chairman of Alcoa Aluminum, one of the nation’s largest toxic
polluters. O’Neill owns 1.6 million shares of Alcoa, worth more
than $50 million. During WWII Alcoa negotiated a deal with
the Nazis and IG Farben to supply Germany’s war machine
rather than the US military with aluminum. “If America loses
this war,” said then Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes on
June 26, 1941, “it can thank the Aluminum Corporation of
America [ALCOA].”

Alcoa is the producer of hundreds of millions of tons of
fluoride. This highly toxic byproduct of aluminum has been
scientifically linked in thousands of medical studies conducted
since the 19th century to cancer and other degenerative
diseases. In the 1950’s Alcoa arranged to have it profitably
added to our nation’s drinking water rather than disposed of as
toxic waste. During WWII the Nazis discovered that by adding
fluoride to the drinking water in concentration camps they
could make prisoners far more submissive to authority. .

Melquiades R. Martinez, designated Secretary for Housing and
Urban Development, is a Cuban refugee who established his
political reputation by preventing new housing from being built
in conservative Orange Co. Florida-claiming it was a quality of
life violation. As chair of Orange County, Martinez eliminated
the department of community affairs, a civil rights agency that
was set up to give poor people a voice in local government. It
is probable that Martinez received CIA indoctrination after he
arrived in the US at age 15 as part of a government airlift
program of children whose parents did not want them to grow
up under the Castro regime.

NJ Governor Christie Whitman is the Bush designee for the
Environmental Protection Agency. Her massively polluted
state hosts some of the world’s largest oil refineries and
chemical manufacturing plants. Environmental non-expert
Whitman has said she doubts that the giant ozone hole over the
North Pole or global warming are actually serious problems.

Donald L. Evans, the nominee for Commerce Secretary, is an
insider in the Texas “oil mafia” and is GW’s closest friend and
confidant. He’s also a close friend, confidant and contributor to
one of America’s biggest recipients of government contacts,
Halliburton’s Dick Cheney.

Rev. Floyd Flake, Dubya’s nominee for Secretary of Education,
was the only prominent African American leader in NYC to
endorse Bush pal Rudy Giuliani, the racist NYC Mayor who
has executed a seven year long campaign of violence,
harassment and false arrest aimed at African Americans.
Giuliani’s most memorable quote on education was a proposal
to blow up the entire NYC Board of Education.

Last year, to his everlasting credit, Flake publicly denounced
Giuliani as a mental case. Like numerous GW Bush aides and
advisors, Rev. Flake is part of the CIA’s Manhattan Institute
which masterminded Giuliani’s entire social eugenics agenda.
Among the areas Flake is likely to focus on for Bush is turning
public education over to religious institutions and corporations.

Ann M. Veneman, Bush’s appointee for secretary of
agriculture, was deputy secretary for agriculture under
President George Bush. She is known as an advocate for letting
corporations exploit public land and for widespread
distribution of foods containing genetically-altered animal
genes, viruses, self-contained insecticides and bacteria. Bush
has said he wants to open up Federal reserves, national forests
and other pristine areas of public land to oil drilling, mining
and road construction. Under Bush stewardship, we could see
corporations running frankenfood farms in Yosemite or drilling
for oil in the Grand Canyon.

John Ashcroft, GW’s choice for Attorney General, is a
self-styled moral crusader as strongly against abortion as he is
enthusiastic about the death penalty. He lost his Senate seat in
the 2000 election to an opponent who died during the
campaign. Last year, Ashcroft received an honorary degree
from Bob Jones University and is closely aligned with the
Christian Coalition and Pat Robertson. Ashcroft is also an
outspoken fan of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. He
is known among lobbyists as an advocate for drug companies
and the automotive industry and for preventing consumers
from suing HMO’s.

Mitchell E. Daniels Jr., nominated as director of the Office of
Management and Budget was senior executive of the Eli Lilly
drug company-which Bush’s father headed from 1977-79.
Daniels was also previously the president of the
arch-conservative think tank Hudson Institute. Daniels, who
advocates strict enforcement of laws against casual drug users,
was arrested for marijuana possession in 1970.

Secretary of State designee Colin Powell is a lifelong operative
of the CIA/military-industrial complex. While working for the
Pentagon he helped cover up the Mai Lai massacre, the
contra/arms deal and Gulf War Syndrome. Powell’s fame
derives from presiding over a war in which US troops were
used as guinea pigs for experimental vaccines so that they
could “safely” fight George Bush’s friend Sadamn
Hussein-who had been given the go ahead to attack Kuwait
after being supplied with chemical and biological weapons by
the Bush administration. Like many of GW’s appointees of
color, Powell proudly admits he owes his career in large part to
affirmative action while joining an administration that
considers ending affirmative action one of its topmost

Condolezza Rice, Bush’s National Security advisor was
formerly a security advisor under President George Bush and
an aide to Colin Powell. She has the job of explaining the basic
elements of foreign policy to GW, about which Bush admits to
knowing almost nothing. A large part of her career was
involved in administering the CIA’s foreign policy objectives.
She serves on the board of Chevron Oil-known as one of the
African continents most violent human rights abusers. A
grateful Chevron recently named an oil tanker after her.

The emerging profile of the Bush administration-moderately
conservative and multi-racial-is a facade. To see their real
agenda one has to examine the administration’s ideological
source-the Manhattan Institute. GW may cultivate the image of
a plain-talkin’ good ole boy who prefers barbecuing to making
policy, but virtually every idea presented as central to his
agenda comes from this elite east coast institution.

A little background
MI (The Manhattan Institute) was started in 1978 by William
Casey, one of the top intelligence operatives in US history.
During WWII Casey worked with OSS chief William Donavan
and Allen Dulles to bring top level Nazi officials to the US
where they were recruited into the newly-formed CIA, the
military, government-connected medical research institutions
and the media. The stated rational for importing Hitler’s top
intelligence operatives, social scientists and propagandists to
the US was that they would be employed in fighting
Communism-exactly what Hitler claimed he used them for. In
reality they were brought here to help establish fascism in
America-a goal which they are increasingly succeeding at.

Before WWII started Dulles was involved with GW’s
grandfather Prescott Bush on Wall Street where, along with
George Herbert Walker (Prescott Bush’s father-in-law) they
operated banks and shipping companies that were later
declared by the US Congress to be fronts for the Nazis. In 1942
shortly after the US entered WWII the assets of these Wall
Street companies were seized by the US government under the
Trading With The Enemy Act.

Dulles was the legal counsel for both Standard Oil and for Nazi
Germany’s I.G. Farben-one of the world’s largest industrial
powerhouses-which was co-owned by the Rockefeller
family-the main funders of the Manhattan Institute.

The US ambassador to Germany at the time had this to say
about The Rockefellers, the Bush’s, the Mellons (owners of
Alcoa) and the other wealthy Americans who were backing
Hitler and promoting Eugenics, or scientific racism:

“A clique of U.S. industrialists is hell-bent to bring a fascist
state to supplant our democratic government and is working
closely with the fascist regime in Germany. I have had plenty
of opportunity in Berlin to witness how close some of our
American ruling families are to the Nazi regime. . .They
extended aid to help Fascism occupy the seat of power, and
they are helping to keep it there.” – William Dodd, U.S.
Ambassador to Germany, 1937.-Facts and Fascism, G Seldes,
p. 122 Also, Trading with the Enemy, Charles Higham, p.167

When IG Farben was broken up after Germany lost the war its
parts became the top pharmaceutical companies in the world-
BASF, Hoechst, Bayer AG, Agfa-Gevaert and Cassella AG.
Today these companies, along with Pfizer and Eli Lilly-which
former President George Bush headed from 1977-1979-are the
largest manufacturers of prescription and over the counter
drugs sold in the U.S. Both the Pfizer and Eli Lilly drug
companies are sponsors of MI.

These oil, pharmaceutical and Wall Street investment banking
elites are the foundations of the Rockefeller and Bush dynasties
and are the real constituents of the new Bush administration.

Being a business partner with the Third Reich posed no
problem for Dulles who became the first CIA director in 1947.
In fact, their relationship with the Nazis and Wall Street was
exactly how Dulles, former Pres. Bush and William Casey all
became CIA directors. GW’s father was made CIA director in
1976. Shortly after creating the Manhattan Institute, William
Casey was made CIA director by Ronald Reagan.

In 1954 Casey put together a consortium of investors including
top US intelligence experts who had made fortunes on Wall
Street to form Capital Cities. In the interim, Casey served as
Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission from
1969 to 1977. By 1985 Casey’s Capital Cities had so much cash
it was able to buy ABC and operate it as a propaganda arm of
the US government-which it continues to be today.

Casey was the top stockholder in ABC while he was director of
the CIA under the Reagan and Bush administrations. ABC,
CNN and Rupert Murdoch’s rabidly right wing network FOX
were instrumental in fabricating GW Bush’s illegitimate
presidency, the myth that Colin Powell is a hero and the idea
that the Gulf War was a military victory-rather than a human
and ecological disaster fought solely to benefit the oil industry.

The reason this history is crucial to understanding GW Bush
and his ties to the Manhattan Institute is that these same
themes-Wall Street investing, Eugenics, the oil and drug
industries, working for the Rockefeller family, manipulating
the media and the directorship and ideology of the CIA-are the
foundation on which the MI and it’s influence within the new
Bush administration can be understood.

The connection between Nazi Germany, the Bush family and
the CIA is simultaneously political, financial and ideological. It
encompasses investment banking, legal and illegal drug dealing
and Eugenics, the pseudo-science of population control. Unlike
openly racist groups, they are equal opportunity employers
carefully cultivating operatives among all races. Academics,
politicians, doctors, clergy, prominent new anchors, social
scientists and in some cases even street gangs are among their
assets in the war to exert social control.

If you visit the MI website you will find a list of academics
who are their roster of so-called conservative experts. Their
areas of expertise are race, eliminating welfare, deregulation of
business and the privatization of virtually everything the
government presently manages-including education, prisons,
parks, streets, social security, courts and welfare.

A number of their experts, including Bush’s domestic policy
advisor Stephen Goldsmith and Rev. Floyd Flake, are slated for
cabinet positions. Others MI notables, including Myron
Magnet, are the inventors of Bush’s doublespeak theme,
“compassionate conservatism”. GW has stated that next to
Jesus and the bible, Magnet’s book on the so-called underclass
has been the single greatest influence on his ideas.

The Pioneer Fund, perhaps the world’s greatest promoter of
Eugenics, funded MI’s best-known resident scholar, Charles
Murray, during eight years in which he wrote The Bell Curve.
Despite tremendous controversy about his ideas Murray
remains the MI’s leading expert on welfare reform, IQ and
affirmative action. The Bell Curve advances the idea, as do
virtually all Pioneer Fund projects, that African Americans are
genetically inferior, disease prone, have low IQ and are a drain
on the US economy. Murray’s books have been heavily
promoted by the MI and are the intellectual foundation for the
movement in the US to end affirmative action and welfare.

Murray is glowingly mentioned hundreds of times on their
website, speaks at their seminars and is cited as a brilliant
scholar by none other than GW Bush’s top domestic policy
advisor, Stephen Goldsmith.

Many Americans didn’t seem to mind seeing the CIA ruthlessly
manipulate the political and social fabric of other nations for
the second half of the 20th century. How they will feel about
America being openly run by the CIA and this circle of racist
corporate gangsters may well determine the history of the next
Robert Lederman 12/23/2000

NY Times June 12, 2000 Bush Culls Campaign Theme From
Conservative Thinkers “Gov. George W. Bush has said his
political views have been shaped by the work of Myron
Magnet of the Manhattan Institute.” Also see: The Dallas
Morning Star 4/16/2000 The Godfathers of ‘Compassionate

NY Times Monday, May 12, 1997
Turning Intellect Into Influence Promoting Its Ideas, the
Manhattan Institute Has Nudged New York Rightward “…the
institute was founded as a free-market education and research
organization by William Casey, who then went off to head the
Central Intelligence Agency in the Reagan Administration.”

See: Sarasota Herald-Tribune 11/11/2000
Director of Florida Holocaust Museum links Bush family to

“If this were a dictatorship, it’d be a heck of a lot easier, just so
long as I’m the dictator.” -12/18/2000 GW Bush
See CNN transcripts

Boston Globe 12/11/2000 Conspiracy theories on election
abound – “Robert Lederman spies a conspiracy around virtually
every corner of American government, and nowhere more so
than in the post-election drama playing out in Florida.
Lederman…spotted signs of a sinister plot from the moment
Florida Governor Jeb Bush flew home after election night.
Since then, the rulings by various courts and elections officials
have only confirmed his worst suspicion: the existence of a
”vast right-wing conspiracy,” probably tied to the CIA,
orchestrated to win the White House for George W. Bush.”

Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T.
(Artists’ Response To Illegal State Tactics) (718) 743-3722
for much more detailed info on all of the above see

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