MULTI-CULTURALISM … The way of the future!

“If we don’t kill all of them they will come over here and kill all of us!!??”
This primative way of thinking belongs to the freightened idiots that existed from the beginning of time, and continues into the 21st century!
There has always been on the planet, opposition to this right wing reactionary freightened way of thinking.
There have always been people that are willing to reach out to strangers and are not afraid to go the extra mile over the horizon into a strange environment. Not to conquer but to gain understanding of that which is different, so as to add to that which already exists and to make what already exists more profound and more complete!
The killing that is occuring in Iraq, at the present time is being waged by the reactionary chauvanist right wingers, that exist on their side, and from our american side! … On both sides they hate and are afraid of strangers, and that which is foreign! If they can’t conquor and make a slave of that what is foreign, they will kill the foreigners so as to feel safe!
It is apparent to me that the future belongs NOT to those that live in fear of those that are different, and expects everyone to assimilate so that they will become just like everyone else in the tribe…. The future belongs to those that are wiling to accept differences and will assimilate those differences on the basis of equality and mutual sharing!
Meanwhile long live diversity and multi-culturalism!

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