Which side are you on?

Political action taken by citizens of the America that I live in, is a political and moral right, protected and encouraged by the constitution of the United States!
Those that are reluctant to take action to further, or protect hard won rights, are usually cowardly or indifferent to these particular American values!
Their are those that are on the political left that are not satisfied with the way things are, so they will always strive to change the status-quo to the opposite of what exists in the present and what existed in the past. Their battle cry is… “The political center is out of touch and is no longer relevant to what is happening in the here and now,… that it is time to move forward and become more relevant to the new conditions that now exist in our environment!”
The political “Right Wing” has always been dissatisfied with what exists in the here and now and have always been, since the beginning of time, fearful of the unknown future, so they strive to have our nation move back to the recent or distant past! Their battle cry is… ” We are not being loyal to our established traditions!
Their are those that are in the center of the political spectrum that are very much satisfied with the way things are and are fearful of change that points toward the future or the past, so they strive to keep change from happening, they do so by compromising and selling out the champions of progress and the champions of tradition!
Polarization signifies that the political center is becoming increasingly less relevant, and that guarantees a clash between those that want to move away from the… “no longer relevant traditions” of the present and past, and those that believe that the traditions of the past are being betrayed by centrists and leftists, and that they are traitors, and should be “eliminated from the face of the earth!”
As a result of this inevitable clash of opposite forces,.. our country will move in the direction of change!
A movement forward, into the untested future, as represented by the “LEFT WING, in the political spectrum, or a movement backward, into the no longer relevant past, as represented by the RIGHT WING, in the political spectrum!”

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