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3 Comments on “Hello world!”

  1. Mr WordPress Says:

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  2. Hello, WordPress!
    This being my first comment on this blog, my comment is going to be my latest radical far out views of the world that we all live in and share!

    Capitalism and Social Change!

    Globalization is a reality that cannot be denied! It’s coming into being was predictable to thinking people as early as the 19th century!
    The consequence of this natural occurance, is the natural demise of the “Nation State!”
    The rule of life in all of nature is to expand, to grow to your full potential, if you stop growing, you start dying!
    Those that compete in the global marketplace must become more and more ruthless to stay competitive in our world economic environment.
    What the competitors are competing for is market share. If you don’t get your share of what is out there you are out of the game because you are no longer competitive! What is out there is limited, .. so only the big sharks will grab what’s out there and swallow all of the smaller sharks and then the big giant sharks will attack each other and they will eliminate each other until no one is left to compete!
    Capitalism. had given birth to the modern day working class. It robbed the working class of the fruits of it’s labor by allowing them to keep only a small fraction of what they produce as a class! They are now killing off and replacing workers with automation so as to increase their rate of profit and become more competitive among their own kind!
    The capitalist class gave birth to the middle class and at this point in time they are destroying the middle class and grabbing for themselves all of their assets and things of value that this class had thru out the years created for themselves!
    All of this class struggle and and the consequence of this struggle was and is apparent to the social scientific mindset
    Capitalism will create and then destroy a working class and middle class in the still undeveloped parts of the world. By doing so they will eliminate mass purchassing power. That occurance will leave the producers of the worlds goods and services the alternative to only produce goods and services to only those who can afford to pay their inflated price! This is the only way that they can insure their high rate of profit!
    Money is the source of power. To go against the multitude of displaced workers and the world’s former middle class, the oligarchy of world capitalists can only survive by establishing a world fascist dictatorship!
    The writing is on the wall for those that can read and understand!
    Richard Walters

  3. despicable Says:


    This cartoon challenges those that are insensative to human suffering!
    There are those that will help those in need as long as they wont get their hands dirty

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